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Why Farseer
  • Massive data volume

    Covers over 5 million sources globally

    24/7 Real time data collection

  • Strong & Intelligent analytics

    Analyzed via a distributed cloud platform

    Gather and analyze massive amount of data in the shortest period of time

  • Victory in sight

    Leveraging the big data analytics systems

    Turns data into the best appropriate business decisions

  • Zero deployment cost

    With SaaS, users do not need of kind of hardware installation

    yet immediately enjoys the efficiency increase with Farseer

Farseer successful cases
Internet intelligence tracking
        At the modern Internet era, traditional medias have gradually been replaced by the new media with wider audience base, much faster outreach, strong influence, yet fairly fragmented and highly invisible. Farseer’s in-depth intelligence monitoring system not only can analyze and follow regular websites......
Big Data Intelligence Monitoring
         Modern enterprises face an enormous amount of data and information when making important decisions, yet analyzing them is a very time consuming task. Making wrong decisions with limited time or spending too much time analyzing data and miss the best decision window......
Industry peers Analysis
        Farseer’s big data analytics can track activity levels of any specific sector or sector participants through news, search results and social data etc., in order to prepare advanced measures to react to different industry development and actions from competitors......